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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The most used and arguably the most comfortable optical device, the binoculars, also have short eye relief.

Yes, and there is a good reason for this. Variable magnification is needed in traditional hunting scopes to switch between low magnification (providing a wide field of view for locating targets) to high magnification (which narrows the FOV) for more accurate aim. All of our scopes have at least a 2x wider FOV than traditional hunting scopes, therefore they provide a combination of a good magnification and a wide field of view from the outset. For example, our 14×50 scope at X14 magnification provides a field of view wider than that of a traditional scope at X 4 magnification!

 For the 5×24 and 10×24 models you have the option of purchasing the scopes without mounts. For the 5×24 and 10×24 models, any 30 mm ring can be used to mount the scope. We provide you with the option of purchasing our CNC manufactured MOA adjustable set. However, you may prefer 3rd party sets instead, and these can function just as adequately.

Our scopes are designed in a way that ensures none of the apparatus needs to come into contact with the user’s face. The end barrels on our eyepieces have a very small diameter, and this allows the eyepiece to sit very close to the eye without coming into contact with the user’s nose or eyebrow. For this to be possible, any rubber eye piece needs to be removed.

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