Optical sight 5x30 PRO

Compact CQB style sight with 85mm eye relief and wide field of view. A compact sight with the sharpest image and improved light transmission. Bright picture for using from dawn to dusk.

Prismatic design allows us to make much more compact and lightweight scopes with superior optical performance. Being compact allows for much better Gun/Scope weight distribution, the weight being further back massively reduces fatigue, which allows the shooter to stay out longer and shoot more accurately.

Supplied with MOA adjustable set of mounts.

Smart MOA adjustable, CNC machined mounts will help to zero the scope and stay in the middle of its adjustment range. Selection of rails to help place the scope in a comfortable position for the users head on any type of gun, from bullpup to a full-length sporter. 

technical specifications

SKU Product Description
530MD-M 5x30 PRO Mildot with MOA adjustable mounts
530MDR-M 5x30 PRO Mildot Rapid with MOA adjustable mounts
Parameter Sight 5x30 L
Magnification, X 5
Objective Lens Diameter, mm 30
Eye Relief, inches / mm 3.35 / 85
Tube size, mm 34
Field of View, ft@100yds/ m@100m 33 / 10.2
Minimum Focusing, m 6
Diopter adjustment, dpt 3 +/-
C lick Value (MIL /MOA/cm@100m) 0.1 / 0.338 / 1
C licks per Revolution 50
Travel Per Rotation (MIL / MOA) 5 / 15
Max Elevation Adjustment (MIL / MOA) 28 / 83
Max Windage Adjustment (MIL / MOA) 28 / 83
Weight (without mounts) oz / gr 17.14 / 486
Weight (with MOA adj. mounts) oz / gr 22 / 624
Waterproof and Nitrogen filled YES
Shock Proof (up to 600G) YES
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